Monday, 18 May 2015

He Man Bag

Booked myself a day off and decided I wanted to spend it making something in one afternoon, as I have many craft projects on the go but they are all much larger labours of love which don't have the same immediate satisfaction.

I had picked up a 1983 duvet cover in a thrift store in California for mere pennies and so decided to make it into a bag. One of my old bags, bought in the same store, is starting to get holes in, so rather than patch the patchwork I thought I'd make myself something new. I won't bore you with all the detail. I copied, then amended slightly the pattern from The Destashification Project and away I went. I'm still deciding on a fastening and I may pipe the edge properly, but in essence it is done.
Cut out the paatern. Cat optional.

Put in the inside pocket

Sew the lining into the outer fabric

Time for the base

Just need to finish the handles and edgnig

Et voila! The He Man Bag. For ladies.

A rather pleasing afternoon's work.

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