Monday, 4 August 2014

Painting stuff for the garden

I've had a cheeky day of leave today because it's summer and I'd rather use it now while I can be out in the garden. I've spent most of the afternoon painting a few little critters that The Boy picked up for me from the supermarket garden sale recently.

Yeah, they're cute, but the monochome look was a bit dull for me, and I thought they needed tarting up fit better into the garden of the Happy House, given its recent upcycling.

I thought it would take me an hour at most to paint them, with a dash of acrylic, but oh no, it took me nearer three. In fact I had to stop halfway through, at about 3pm and take the Boy for lunch as we hadn't eaten yet.

I definitely like the mushroom the most, simple but effective. The others are OK, but they are nice and bright and are a nice distraction hidden amongst the planties. All in all a fun afternoon, although I have no idea whether I need to varnish acrylic paint to weatherproof it. Time will tell on that one I guess.


  1. Mushroom looks ace! - Mike 23851 x

    1. Thanks Mike, that's my favourite too :)


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