Sunday, 27 January 2013

Getting Fit and Feeling Fabulous

In response to my rather depressing post, earlier this week, I am now celebrating the fact that the temperature rose and it rained significantly yesterday so all the yucky ice and snow has gone and I am reunited with my beloved Tank! This means that I have been able to resume my fitness regime with some zeal today, after a rather dull encounter with my EA Sports Active game yesterday, which hasn't been quite as enjoyable since I joined my lovely gym!

I loves my Tank

This morning the sun was shining brightly, so I donned my neon headband, jumped on The Tank and headed out to the gym. I went to a combined aerobics and tone class, which is a 45 minute session. I really like the classes that this particular instructor does. Her routines are different in absolutely every single class, and so as a relative beginner at this gym I am usually concentrating so hard on getting the routine that I don't realise how sweaty I'm getting, or how quickly the time flies! She's also really positive, giving everyone in the room compliments on how well we're doing, how great everyone looks and how hard everyone's working. When it comes to exercise, I definitely thrive the best on positive reinforcement! After 30 minutes of aerobics - building the routine, then going through it a few times and then speeding up, we moved on to toning. This was a combination of different floor exercises this week, to work legs, bums and tums. Sometimes we do some arm work with weights as well, but not this time. She worked us really hard and my calves are aching now, but it was definitely worth it!

I managed to fit in a bit of grocery shopping on the way home and had an extremely pleasant cycle up the hill, along the cycle lane in the sun. After feeling so trapped and down last week because the ice and snow was really debilitating to me, today was a great remedy and lifted my mood immeasurably. I just love the freedom that having the Tank gives me. Walking is fine, and getting the bus can be OK, I suppose, but having a bike really allows you to get out in the fresh air and go where you want, when you want.

I will of course by commuting by bike for my five working days this week, plus I'll be in on Saturday too, so lots of routine cycling to do. Hubby has also bought something off Ebay that needs collecting from 10 miles away, so that's a 2 hour round trip for us one evening as well. Plus I am planning aerobics on Tuesday, a swim with my friend on Wednesday, and probably the awesome 90 minute yoga class on Friday afternoon. And I can't wait! Last November, I would never have believed I would become a 'gym bunny', or indeed quit smoking and get fit, but it just goes to show that if you get into the habit of doing a bit of exercise here and a bit there, it soon becomes second nature - in fact I feel lost without it!

This is my post for the Get Fit, Feel Epic competition that I saw on The Black Pearl Blog. This giveaway is sponsored by, and out of the prizes in particular I am sooooooo keen to win the FitBit - I'd love to be able to track the impact of my gym sessions with more precision and actually monitor the improvement in my fitness. FitBit also links up with MyFitnessPal free app which I already use, so it would be perfect! 

Hope my post has inspired you to get out there and feel epic for yourselves!


Silent Sunday

Thursday, 24 January 2013

The White Stuff

I didn't post anything about my weight last week because I have been, like many other people, adversely affected the the weather. Instead of cycling to the gym every day, circumstances with work have forced me to get the bus in and sometimes home as well. The pavements are. Icy and treacherous and I cannot face the scramble to the gym in the evenings. I can face it even less because I know that I will have to do more work when I get home anyway and that makes me feel even more tired!

So I am not convinced that the last fortnight has been good for my weigh loss or indeed my weight maintenance. As I write, I am on a train back from an appointment oop North. As I needed to get a rail replacement bus an couldn't be late, my only option was grab a burger jig for lunch or don't eat until after 6pm, which I couldn't face as I was already starving by 11am. Admittedly I choose the smaller portion and the diet drink so it wasn't as bad as it could have been but by no means am I having a healthy day.

I think my woes are experienced by many others across the country. In a good week I go to the gym four or five times, I eat a range of tasty home cooked meals and I take the leftovers in to work for lunch. Plus I cycle to the office and home again five times a week. And none of this is a hassle, I enjoy the gym, cycling and cooking. But now there's ice everywhere, I can't get where I wanna go and my work is occupying every waking minute so I have no time for shopping or cooking and I have very little energy for anything when I do find five minutes for myself.

The best use for snow
How to resolve this first world crisis? Where does one strike the elusive work/life balance? I am telling myself that in a fortnight, once this particular big project is out the way then things will get back to relative normality and if anything, I'll actually have more time for the lifestyle I want because of all the time off in lieu I will have accrued. But this will last only until the next flurry of snow falls and messes up my cycling or my managers declare the next emergency that I simply must deal with immediately.

This begs the question then, how does everyone else proof their lives against the world? I see people striking down icy streets with purpose and precision, while I stumble and slide at a snail's pace, terrified of putting my back out at any second. I hear colleagues at work say 'no' and determine that they will keep their weekend free for their own plans, thank you very much. And even more surprising, they have actually made exciting plans for the weekend that they won't be too irked to enjoy. I'm jealous, how do they do it? I think I must have missed a page of the manual somewhere along the line.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Spot The Difference

I thought I'd use the nifty TouchRetouch app to make all a little spot the difference game. How many differences can you spot? Answers on a postcard, or alternatively, just post a comment below.


Sunday, 13 January 2013


Silent Sunday

Maintaining my weight

So, I've been to the gym four times this week and been to town and back (or more) 6 days out of the week. I've been eating better than over Christmas, certainly not drinking every day, although I have had two lunches out over the week. So not the perfect week, but not bad either - I've been thinking about what I'm doing without being ridiculous about it.

And the Wii says I am now 8st 9lbs with a BMI of 22.31. That's a slight reduction on last week, but not quite a pound off. I forgot to weigh myself before I drank more morning cup of tea, so I'm assuming that I would actually have lost more. Or I could be clutching at straws. Either  way, I only need to get about 3.5lbs off to get back to where I was at the end of last year and then the weight maintanence can continue!

Sunday, 6 January 2013


Silent Sunday

New Year Weight Maintenance

Happy New Year everyone! I've been giving the scales a break, because it's Christmas and I could, but time to get back to some serious weight maintanence. Except...
I put on 4lbs!
Yes, I put on 4lbs over Christmas. Oops.

I knew I would have put some on, mainly because I have been snacking absolutely every day. I knocked my drinking back to regular levels this week, so not to worried about that, and went to the gym 4 times as well as doing a lot of cycling, so I kind of hoped that it wouldn't be that bad - maybe two pounds.

But my New Year's Resolution is to be more positive and this is a great place to apply that. 4lbs on isn't the end of the world. I don't feel like my body has changed at all, so it's not noticeable. All I need to do is stop snacking again - or at least limit my snacking. Most of the stuff at work is gone already and my Christmas supplies at home are dwindling a bit (although I haven't even opened that Toblerone yet), so I think so long as I am careful with my treat sizes and eat lots of nice healthy meals the rest of the time, I should get back to normal pretty quickly.

Happy days. So, where are you all at this year? What are your plans and resolutions for 2013?
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