Monday, 3 August 2009

Housewife to Mummy

It's been a quiet month. Success on the competitions front, although the Macchu Pichu coffee still hasn't turned up. Got a phonecall from The Sun saying I'd won a makeover and tickets to a premier in London with a hotel stay, but I could only get to London an hour after they needed me so had to let it go - gutted cos we needed to be in London the next day anyway! But they put me on the runners up list so hopefully me Pearl Drops goody bag will arrive soon and I'll have sparkly gnashers!!

Had a mad few wins otherwise - £2500 on a pedalo competition on the radio!! Plus a free book from Galaxy and also 40 Things by Mark Thomson. Tonight I've had an email about a Peroni bottle opener, then 2 Vodkat cocktail kits, then another Galaxy book! Woo hoo! Small, but it all helps.

We've been extreme DIYing also and I used my saved up survey vouchers to get the EA Fitness trainer for Wii so been on that a lot. This has not left much time for crafty gubbins, but the time will come again.

The best news is that I am now a mummy! We adopted two cats last Saturday so I have been concentrating on helping them to settle in to their new house.

Gaia is Gipsy-Moo's mummy and they are both adorable.
We're all having fun getting to know each other.

Oh, and got some more festival tickets - Cambridge Rock Festival next weekend. Had a laugh at our free ticketed Hop Farm Festival, so fingers crossed for this one = just gutted that Jefferson Starship have pulled out!

Sunday, 8 March 2009


Yellow top crocheting has been on hold, as has everything else due to extreme Spanish learning, holiday planning and husband being on the verge of cracking the dubstep market. Life appears to have gone a bit mad at the minute, but at least I'll be able to get some photos of me extreme-crocheting on Macchu Pichu...

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Death and Crochet

While I have been badgering away on a pale yellow summer top for a friend I have generally not been spending much time as an extreme housewife recently. The crochet goes on as it must in order for me to be able to give out birthday presents to all those whose birthday's I will miss when we go away in 6 weeks time. However, one of my friends lives ceased to go on about a fortnight ago and while we have been generally business as usual I have noticed a tendancy for me to crawl on to the sofa and veg sliding on instead of being productive, proactive or even doing something as simple as reading.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Weekend off

I've been using my free weekend to great effect. I made a granny square shoulder bag in record time last week, but don't know what I've done with my yarm needle, so that will sit unfinished with mucky ends for the time being. That's OK though as it is a birthday present for a friend which I have started early so I can give it out before we go on holiday.

Since finishing that I have begun my most ambitious crochet project - a two colour jumper. This may also be a birthday present or I might keep it, depending on the finished size - I still haven't really figured out the whole gauge thing and just tend to make things in the hope that it'll fit. I reckon this'll be quite funky when it's finished as it'll be green and purple blocks of colour, random but cool. I've nearly done two of the four main panels so far - I would be further ahead but redid the first panel as I messed it up at the beginning a bit as I wasn't used to the pattern. One of the things I am struggling a bit is getting the edge straight - I am working the front panels long wise and I think I'm gonna end up with a slightly wonky bottom, but I reckon I'll be able to put on an extra edge when I've put the whole thing together that'll sort it out.

Also, in my role as extreme housewife today I have created an exciting new item for roast dinners - Meanloaf! I blitzed up some bacon, kidney beans, spices, peanuts and some stale baguette then baked off in a loaf tin. It was pretty darn tasty! And we got some duck fat from Tesco yesterday so had lovely crispy potatoes. And to finish a blueberry and blackcurrant cake which is quite heavy but good. I think the problem is that I only had cheap spread to use not butter, but it still tastes good.
Can't decide whether to ice the cake now. I've got lots of sprinkles and decorations and whatnot, but I've already ate some now cos I wanted some while it was hot. It's probably sweet enough but it seems a shame not to use me sugar sprinkles and that. Mind you, I'm so full from the extra stodge dinner I don't know if I can be bothered now!

The roasted beetroot didn't work :( - needed cooking for longer. Ah well, not done that before and it was a bit of an afterthought so doesn't really matter.

So, another evening of jumper making before me. Onwards and upwards, I shall attempt to solve the problems as they crop up!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Naughty, forgetful housewife

I have been terribly neglectful of this blog. Sorry about that, although I was conscious it existed, I never seemed to think about it whilst on the computer.

The extreme housewifery for Christmas went well as you can see.

Bin looked mighty fine in his custom produced Mad Scientist/Devil hat and the girls looked just lovely in their Straight From New Look style slouch hats. Huzzah.

Unfortunately, the extreme housewifery I was attempting for Bin's birthday has had some teething problems and frustrated me to the point where I have got bored with it. I shall have to find Mike's phone to take a picture and then explain further.

In other extreme news, I am getting the urge to cook something cool, as we seem to be in a permanent state of no-foodness at the moment in the house. The desire to cook will surely drive me to the market and then the random combinations of ingredients will begin.
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