Monday, 17 November 2008

And so it begins...

Recently I've been getting into baking, more born of necessity rather than choice. Usually due to an excess of fruit hanging round the house/freezer. I've had a go at clafoutis (which worked well), cobbler (which could have been better - the mix wasn't firm enough) and an eggless banana cake.

These pictures are a little older, all stuff made this year though.

First we have what was lovingly named 'The Cake of Death'. This took a whole afternoon to produce, took over £10 of ingredients, including a mass of marshmallows melted into the sauce. It was delicious, but made you want to die if you ate more than about a 1cm slice as it was so rich. It really matured after a couple of days though - I think it was the whisky in there that gave it a nice aftertaste.

And here is the Suzy-Friendly-Booby-Cake. Made for a party at my house, the Suzy Friendly aspect refers to the fact that this is a gluten-free carrot cake and thus friendly to my friend who is scared of wheat. Or Coeliac or something. And it's shaped like boobies. Simply done using two pyrex bowls to bake the cakes in. A good idea that was just as excellent in the execution.

It's garnishing your table with delights like this that make extreme housewifery worthwhile.

Hello World!

I am delving into the magical platform of blogging to bring extreme housewifery to the world.

'What is extreme housewifery?' I hear you cry?

It's the preserve of the hip, modern woman who fulfils a couple of vague criteria:
1. You may or may not be a housewife. I am a wife, but I work full time, so am therefore perhaps more of an officewife.
2. You enjoy the idea of an occupation which includes 'wifery'. A satisfying word at the best of times.
3. You engage in all manner of domestic arts whilst still being generally ace. This may include baking, crochet, holding dinner parties and fuzzy felt.

So there you have it. I shall be including pictures of my own projects and whatnot, letting you know how I'm getting on with it all.
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